Monday, June 13, 2011

Renaissance Men: A Father's Day Tribute

I heard the below commentary on "Music and the Spoken Word" today and it made me cry.  Of course, the pictures and music they play also help. :)

"From time to time we hear great artists or athletes described as 'Renaissance Men'. Society marvels at the variety of their accomplishments. A football player who also excels as a musician or a writer who can also paint. We admire people who can 'switch hats' and shine in more than one arena, but in our quest to find the next celebrity multi-tasker we often overlook countless renaissance men who are closer to home.

The real treasures of our society are the dad's who where multiple hats every day of their lives, even when they're are tired after a long day at work.

Our world is made better by these kinds of men, men who can work a jack-hammer one minute and caress a baby the next. Men who can split a log, yet mend a heart. Men who can be tenacious at the office in the morning yet be found teetering on a tiny chair and sipping from a tiny cup at their young daughter's teddy bear tea party that evening.

Great father's listen, guide, love and laugh, forging a sacred bond with their children that will last for generations.

Such men put family first and understand that their role extends far beyond providing. In the process they show their families what it means to be a real man.

 No one can fill this heroic role quite like a loving father. If you ask them how they do it they'll simply say they're 'average guys with average lives', but in the eyes of their children they are heroes. 

Men who can stand as strong as mighty oaks yet share a gentle breeze and the squeeze of a little hand. These are the real Renaissance men and they are all around us: Father's whose children matter most of all."

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