Sunday, April 17, 2011

Personality Reality Check Test

Take this test with your family or very close friends in mind.
I found a scripture verse or two for each of the positive statements below (first ten questions) and typed them below each statement (one per page) in the largest font that would fit. We then used these for several weeks in Family Home Evening.

An L-Factor Self Assessment

By Tim Sanders, author, THE LIKEABILITY FACTOR

How high is your Likeability Factor? Everyone has an L-Factor (from 1-9) that helps to measure the positive or negative feelings one can produce in another. The higher your L-Factor, the greater your chances for success, health and happiness. Take the assessment and see how you are doing?

Be honest and don't exaggerate!

Likability aspects: Frequency
0 = Never 2 = Rarely 5 = Occasionally 7 = Often 10 = Daily

1. I smile often and have a pleasant tone of voice.
2. I maintain a positive, optimistic attitude even when things are going very badly.
3. People tell me their problems because I am approachable and a good listener.
4. I build other people's self-confidence and make them feel good about themselves.
5. I have a unique ability to help others accomplish their tasks and reach their dreams. I am very helpful.
6. Others see me as completely honest, trustworthy, sincere and genuine.
7. I am very skilled at being sensitive and understanding of other people's thoughts, feelings & experiences.
8. I feel happy and peaceful on the inside and it shows clearly on the outside.
9. I connect with others’ interests such as hobbies, hometowns and affiliations. I love to talk about them.
10. People see me as relaxed and easy to get along with.

Unlikability Aspects: Frequency
0 = Never 2 = Rarely 5 = Occasionally 7 = Frequently 10 = Almost Daily

1. There are times when I am not completely honest with people.
2. Others have said they think I am self-centered.
3. People ask me why I don't laugh or smile more.
4. I lose my temper.
5. I get distracted when listening to others.
6. I make mistakes in reading other people.
7. I am critical and intolerant of others.
8. People have complained that I am loud and argumentative.
9. I have conflict inside that probably shows.
10. I talk more than I listen.

Total Unlikeability Score (Add all the above scores)
Total L-Factor Score = L Score _______ minus U Score ________ = _________
Divide your total score by ten go arrive at your L-Factor.
A score of 89 = 8.9
8-9 You are highly likeable.
5-7 You are average to above average.
Less than 5 You might have relationship difficulties due to low L-Factor.

Special thanks to Dr. Bill Cottringer for his original work that makes this assessment possible through his years of research. This assessment was based in part on his original SQ self-assessment, written in cooperation with Van Sloan.

You can find a link to the PDF of this test at this web-site:

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