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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thanks for the Memories (A Note to Waxhaw Ward)

[Finally a post by Tony/Bishop Butler]

Dear Friends of the Waxhaw Ward,

Given the magnitude of changes and the nature of the meeting last Sunday (1/6/14) night I didn't have the opportunity to share my thoughts, feelings and testimony with you. My heart is full of gratitude for the opportunity and privilege of serving as Bishop. 

I am most grateful to the support of my dear wife and children who made it possible. I was deeply touched and am so grateful for those who offered well wishes and kind words to me since being released. I was moved to tears (or close to it) several times during the day, knowing that the release was coming that evening, and especially in greeting people that evening. 

I will miss the mantle, those sacred moments when a blessing is given under the direction of the Spirit, when truth is taught and lives are changed, the return of the prodigal, the Godly sorrow exhibited by the truly penitent, and the opportunity to work in counsel and serve closely with so many great individuals of strong faith and testimony.

I have so much to say and words seem so inadequate right now. 

This much I do know:  God loves us all and that he is aware of and can be involved in the details of our lives. I have felt of his powerful love and concern for us all. I know he lives and that our Savior is real and that salvation is available to all who confess Him thus and come unto Him.

I'm grateful to know that I will still see you all often and will be in the same ward with over 20 families from the "Legacy Waxhaw Ward". I look forward to the next chapter in this life journey and also to having the opportunity to focus more energy on and time with my greatest treasure-my family.

Thanks for the memories!