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Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Courageous Weekend!

Lydia S.
 Courageous Video

You'll see Alex Kendrick at the beginning of this (from the movies Courageous, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof). He spoke to us at the dinner on Friday night and was SOOO inspiring.  Need to write about that too...he has a very interesting family background and stories about how his films made it into theaters nationwide.
Warning: At the very beginning it shows someone holding a very graphic abortion picture.  It's hard to see these pictures and I despise them myself, but think about it: If we were never shown the horrible pictures and films of what Hitler did to the Jews (and many others) it would be easy to be in denial of the reality of what happened during WWII.  Most of us are in denial about what is going on around us everywhere in our communities, just like the German people were, and just need a quick "reality check" once in a while to wake up.

This post is based off a family letter I sent out last week.  

The previous weekend was amazing! There was a lot happening due to the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and the annual Cities4Life free dinner.  Many people wanted to honor the 55,000,000 + lives that have been lost in the U.S. since abortion was legalized. But can we even calculate the cost extracted on the hearts and minds of their mother's?  A study done in Africa on women who had chosen elective abortion showed that one month after the procedure 20% had post traumatic stress disorder; at three months 61%!!  Think how this affects every other relationship in their life!  A great, preventable tragedy. Study: Rates of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Increased 61% After Abortion | LifeSiteNews.com

Birthday's are Blessings! 

Alisha turned sixteen on the 21st and told me ahead of time that she wanted to go to the clinic for her birthday.  She said she's learned that birthdays spent thinking about herself are never satisfying in the end.  So instead of going on Friday, we went on Saturday along with around 150 other people--by FAR the largest amount of people we've ever seen, thanks to the invitation extended to them at the previous nights event with Alex Kendrick (Film producer and actor from movies Courageous, Facing the Giants and Fireproof.)

In the short video below you can see Alisha (furthest side) and Karen S. trying to hand out "Tiny Hand" booklets to cars as they turn into the abortion clinic parking lot. These are beautiful, full color books that show actual photos of the development of babies in the womb.  Alisha has had the joy of seeing people roll down their window, take a booklet from her and then never get out of their car and enter the clinic.  One particular couple took a booklet, parked in the clinic parking lot for a little while looking at the pictures, and then rolled down the window as they pulled out of the drive-way and exclaimed, "We've changed our minds!"  Maybe that is why Alisha wanted to go there for her birthday?! How rewarding!!

Beautiful, Touching, Miracle Story!

Karen, the daughter of my good friend Charlene S. in our Stake, was finally able to stop a car last Saturday to talk with her. The cars were pulling in and out faster than we generally see, as you'll see in the video clip, likely due to the large crowd out in front and a lot going on. Charlene had to stay home that morning with a sick child but later told me she had such a feeling of joy the entire time.  You'll understand why when you hear the rest of the story:  With the help of Lisa Metzger, they convinced the woman to enter the ultrasound RV parked out in front of the abortion clinic that day.  She was initially very, very reluctant and just kept saying, "If I see then I won't be able to do it (have the abortion)." The nurse ignored her comments and said, "You wait there (on the couch) while I get things ready."  The woman had already been inside the clinic when she felt God tell her that what she was doing was very wrong, but she already has five children and didn't think she could have another.  A few minutes later they brought in the father of the child along with her into the ultrasound room and the woman covered her eyes with both hands. As soon as the father saw the 15 week unborn baby on the screen he put his hand firmly on the woman's leg, not saying a word.  The nurse started describing the hands, feet, the eyes, head etc. and the woman began to slowly pull her hands away from her eyes and then immediately began to weep with joy when she saw the baby.  Then she exclaimed, "Those people are monster's in there for doing what they do to a baby this big!!"  Then she said to the father, "We're going to need to get a bigger car!"  What a miracle!  Lisa also told me they could clearly see the baby's hands together as if in prayer while viewing the ultrasound.  The mother said, "He's thanking God that he didn't die today."  Wow.
When they stepped out of the RV the crowd of people outside saw their HUGE smiles and everyone immediately began to clap and cheer!  So fun and inspiring!  A circle of people then gathered around them while someone led a beautiful prayer for them.

Another Amazing Story:  "I couldn't find anyone who wanted my baby." 

After the above couple stepped out of the RV I got to help counsel a very young couple that had been stopped and counseled for quite some time in their car in front of the clinic.  They ended up parking in the clinic parking lot and going through the doors of death, but after hearing some preaching on the mic came out a few minutes later.  The father of the girl had put pressure on her to have an abortion.  They said they have a one year old already, couldn't afford another child and were not married.  I asked if they had thought about adoption and she said, "yes" that is what they had just decided on while sitting in the clinic.  She explained that prior to coming she couldn't find anyone who wanted the baby, though!  Immediately, a number of people all around her started calling out, "I would have your baby!" 

We then entered the RV and I mostly watched another very experienced counselor, Kim, work with this couple. I was blown away by how she went straight to the matter of faith in Christ, repentance and beginning a daily walk with God through prayer and scripture study.  She was amazing!!!  She taught with such tenderness, love, humility and yet gentle firmness.  She eventually got the father to say a short prayer, which was simple yet beautiful.  I also got to bear witness to how my family has been blessed and seen miracles as we have done our best to follow God's commandments.  The young man explained that he never had a father, had been completely raised by his grandmother who knew the Bible forward and backward, yet he had rebelled against it.  I know he had to feel the spirit of the Lord upon him that day, however.  Kim, the counselor and the young woman both happen to be from Salisbury and they will certainly have on-going support.  That couple also left with big smiles and rejoicing that they chose life!

Earlier that morning I personally watched two cars leave the clinic within 5-10 minutes of arrival, without anyone getting out of the car.  Sometimes we just need to see other people "standing for truth and righteousness" ---a gentle nudge in a much better direction.

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