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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fun Fall Family Photos!

Andrew and Jason as sweet as can be! Ahh I love this!!!

Alisha (15) with my two baby boys, Jason & Andrew (1 & 3 yrs.)!  They are just getting too big! Alisha has her driver's learning permit so is my chauffer wherever we go. She's taking AP Biology on-line and many other challenging distant ed courses. I'm pleased with her hard work and determination!
Spencer is growing up so quickly lately too and seems very mature for his age in many ways.  He is a great older brother!
It is such a beautiful time of year here right now! And the weather has been heavenly.  This horse is actually grazing on our property that we have leased out to our neighbors.

Jason's hair matches Lexi's hair, as you can see in the background!  Jason is such a bright, sensitive, enthusiastic young child.  He reminds me SO much of Kristine at this age (1 1/2 yrs.)!
Katie is always a delight to have in our home! I can't imagine life without her! She is so very caring, bright, unselfish and generous.
This is our Jason lion--matches his hair too! I
Julianna is my artistic, quiet, mature new twelve year old! She is a huge help at home!
Angela is a HUGE Jane Eyre fan and took the initiative to order (and pay for) this dress and then sew the shawl. She looked beautiful! She is turning 14 next week.  Yikes!  To say she is "smart" would be a huge understatement.  I think she has the vocabulary of a college graduate (at least) and is always reading or studying her school lessons. She is also huge help at home!

Michael (6) is a very sensitive young boy and having fun learning all his math facts right now.  He's making progress with his reading. He also loves his primary classes at church! Yea! 

They won "Most Creative" at our church party. Alisha was a "Southern Belle".  You gotta love young women who love virtue!

Here we're on a Sunday walk, heading for the trails past our next door neighbors beautiful horses!

I took this picture of Brooks for the Opera playbill last spring.  He's doing great and heading up to BYUI next semester. Yea! (Utah State doesn't have a music composition major.)
Kristine texted me this photo last weekend of her with Kirk Perry, my parents and sister after a ballroom dance competition.  She and Kirk enjoy dancing for fun (not too serious) and I'm happy we have family there to support them for us!!!

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